Payment Policies

Enrollment:  We require a non-refundable registration fee of $75 that must be paid upon registration of your child, either for a spot on our waiting list or for immediate enrollment.  All of the admissions documents must be filled out completely and returned to our office before we can process your information for both the waiting list and immediate enrollment. We will use your ACH form (for automatic withdrawal) that you return to us for the registration payment.

Payment schedule:  Tuition must be paid monthly using your ACH account.  We will charge your account by the 1st of every month.

Contracts for a ten month or twelve month program:  We ask that our parents sign the contract in the admissions packet for either a ten or twelve month contract.  If your child is going to attend either our half-day or full-day program starting in September, tuition is due monthly for 10 or 12 equal payments, depending on the program that you signed up for.  If you enroll mid-year, or at any other time, you will still need to sign a contract indicating whether you will be needing ten or twelve months out of the year, and you will be charged according to the months that you will be using for that year.

Withdrawal Policy:  If you have signed up for the school year, starting in September, for either the 10 or 12 month contract, you will be responsible for 30% of the contracted annual tuition should you choose to withdraw your child before October 31st.  If you choose to withdraw after October 31st, you will be subject to 100% of the contracted annual tuition amount.  We no longer have a 30 day notice for withdrawal of our programs.

Summer School tuition:  If you choose to participate in our summer camp for a one week session or longer session, you will need to pay in full for that time period.  No refunds are available after April 1st.  If you are signing up for the entire summer and have not registered already for our 12 month program, you can pay monthly for July and August.  If you have registered for one or both months and withdraw before May 1st, your account will be charged the full amount.

Deposit:  We require a one month deposit to enroll your child.  This is a last month deposit that will be honored the last month of your child’s attendance.  We will not refund your deposit in cash.  It will be up to you to give us the date that ends your 10 or 12 month contract and we will give you credit for your deposit at that time.  If you do not wish to follow this policy, you will forfeit your deposit.  Should the tuition increase over the time period of having made your deposit, we will then charge the difference.

Hazel Creek Tuition Rates July 2017 (PDF)